Rectangular survey system

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Rectangular survey system

Rectangular Survey System: Definition & Uses – Video & …

The Public Land Survey System (PLSS) is a surveying method designed to divide real property into defined plots. It’s also commonly known as the Rectangular Survey System. The system came into use…

The Rectangular Survey System was established in 1785 to identify, divide, and measure land, creating boundary lines for property owners. As the United States grew from its original 13 colonies, a system was needed to identify who owned what land. This system was part of the Land Ordinance enacted in 1785 by President Thomas Jefferson.

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The Rectangular Survey System is a method of surveying designed to divide the real property into specified plots. It is considered as one of the most significant subdividing of the United States’ mainland.

The Rectangular Survey System 1-34 As settlers moved westward into wild and unsurveyed areas of the newly created United States Public Domain, they found land suitable for farming and just built a cabin, cleared land and began to farm. There were no formalities of ownership–they "squatted."

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