Skeletal survey

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Skeletal survey

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Skeletal Survey. Skeletal survey is defined by the American College of Radiology as “a systematically performed series of radiographic images that encompasses the entire skeleton.” From: Pathobiology of Human Disease, 2014. Related terms: Neoplasm; Bone Scintigraphy; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Multiple Myeloma; Lesion; Computer Assisted Tomography; …

A skeletal survey is a series of radiographs, performed systematically to cover the entire skeleton or the anatomic regions appropriate for the clinical indications. Its objective is to accurately identify focal and diffuse abnormalities of the skeleton and to differentiate them from developmental changes and other anatomic variants that may occur in infants and children.

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A skeletal survey (also called a bone survey) is a series of X-rays of all the bones in the body, or at least the axial skeleton and the large cortical bones. A very common use is the diagnosis of multiple myeloma, where tumour deposits appear as "punched-out" lesions.

A skeletal survey is a radiological test that scans the major bones of the human body. This comprehensive x-ray assessment of the skeleton is used to diagnose a number of diseases and conditions. Under certain circumstances, skeletal surveys are also utilized in forensic analysis. An x-ray evaluation of the skull, chest, spine and long bones is …

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