Stack overflow developer survey

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Stack overflow developer survey

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021

Visiting Stack Overflow. We know that developers visit Stack Overflow a lot, and earlier this year, we confirmed that they copy code just as much. From this year’s survey, we also know that 80% of respondents visit Stack Overflow weekly, and 55% of them visit daily. All Respondents United States. 82,413 responses.

The 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey is here! Our data reveals some fascinating trends in education, remote work, and web frameworks. Hello and welcome to the 2021 Developer Survey. This year over 80,000 respondents took the time to share their feedback on the tools and trends that are shaping software development.

Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020

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For almost a decade, Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey held the honor of being the largest survey of people who code around the world. This year, rather than aiming to be the biggest, we set out to make our survey more representative of the diversity of programmers worldwide. That said, the survey is still big.

Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey Learn from the world’s largest and most trusted community of professional software developers. Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey. 2021. With nearly 80,000 responses fielded from over 180 countries and dependent territories, our Annual Developer Survey examines all aspects of the developer experience from career …

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