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Survey corps

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The Survey Corps is a branch of the military that specializes in direct Titan combat as well as outside exploration. To become a member of the Survey Corps, a character must be highly skilled and ready to put their lives on the line since they will be constantly on the front line fighting against Titans.

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The Survey Corps ( 調査兵団 Chōsa Heidan?) is the branch of the Military most actively involved in direct Titan combat and outside exploration. Despite having little success and occasionally mocked by both citizens and other branches of the Military, they still symbolize the hope of mankind with their insignia being known as the "Wings of Freedom."

One is called the “Titan Piercer,” which will allow them to wield a similar single-edge blade that the Survey Corps soldiers use to slay Titans. The bundle also includes the Legendary “Historia”…

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What do you think about the Survey Corps?

Specifically, it needs proper updates. The Survey Corps ( 調査兵団 Chōsa Heidan?) was the branch of the Military most actively involved in direct Titan combat, Titan study, human expansion, and outside exploration. They had the best soldiers who are the most skilled in using vertical maneuvering equipment.

What is the Survey Corps in Titanfall?

The Survey Corps (調査兵団 Chōsa Heidan?), also known as the Scouting Legion, Scout Regiment, or Recon Corps, is the driving force of the plot and story as it is the branch of the Military most actively involved in Titan combat and human expansion.

What does the Survey Corps do in Warzone?

The Survey Corps abandons a base outside Wall Maria This Military division is in charge of the exploration and the eventual reclamation of human territory from Titan -infested lands through the act of setting up small bases, camps, resupply stations, and extra fortifications in available areas outside the Walls.

What are the requirements to join the Survey Corps?

Unlike the Military Police, there are no requirements that cadets must meet to join the Survey Corps.

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