Who doesn’t like to shop for new clothes and outfits? Who doesn’t like to be trendy and fashionable? No one. Shopping is something everyone enjoys and everyone loves to shop for new clothes.

It is vital to be a smart shopper in today’s world of shopaholics. There are zillions to choose from. You don’t have to know anything about smart shoppers or how to become one.

Why Do You Have To Be A Better Buyer

We both know how addicted we are to shopping. We would treat ourselves if we were sad with a new handbag, a pair of shoes or a t-shirt. It wouldn’t be too different if things were happy. We will likely celebrate it with new jeans or a crop top that has been in our shopping cart for too long.


It’s not only happy or sad that makes our shop special. It is easy to desire something new every now and again. You will probably want a tee-shirt five minutes after your friend posts a picture on social media.

We can now accept that shopping is not our forte. We need to learn how to shop smartly. Some of us are impulsive shoppers, others buy more than we want and others buy different things. All these factors are why we must become smart shoppers.

How to Become a Smart Shopper

1. Know your size regardless of where you shop, whether it’s a physical store near your home or a website or app you use to order clothes, you need to know your measurements and size. You should also keep your measurements up-to-date by regularly measuring yourself (because we all lose and gain weight, as well as changing our sizes).

It is a good idea to check the size chart before you shop online. Different brands might have different sizes under the same size. A Levi’s L-size t-shirt might have a chest measurement of 40 inches while a DJ&C’s Levi’s L-size t-shirt might measure 38 inches. Remember to Know Your Size.

2. Get to know the material: A shirt you see online looks so soft and comfortable, it seems perfect for you. It’s yours. It arrives a few days later. With so much excitement, however, you open it to discover that it is not a cotton shirt. Instead, it is a polyester shirt. The last time you checked the temperature outside, it was “sweating like a pig”…

You can feel the disappointment by just reading it. This isn’t a problem, though, as many shoppers have experienced it many times. Next time you shop, be sure to check the material and then compare it. You wouldn’t wear a high-waisted bikini or faux fur jacket in the summer, but you wouldn’t want one in December.

3. Get to Know the TrendA smart shopper will do extensive research before buying anything. The so-called research should include a variety of products, colors, patterns, sizes, and prices. This research will help determine which product is best for you.

You need to think about how you look and feel in an outfit before you make a purchase.

4. Be flexible maybe you’ll relate to me when I tell you that more than half my wardrobe is shades or all I own are cotton clothes. You need to be flexible if you answered yes. This is a very likely scenario when shopping for clothes. If it’s a shirt, then I will wear it. If it has collars, it won’t be for me. Or if it doesn’t have collars, I won’t wear it. But please start to experiment and be flexible. You might like this new style, that crop top, or those high-waisted jeans.

5. When to shop this statement may not make sense to you at first, but I promise you that you will be able to understand it after you have read the rest. You have been invited to Halloween, and have had a plan to dress up as a Vampire from the beginning. However, you don’t have the time or the money to purchase the gown. It’s only three days until Halloween. But express delivery is available so the gown can be yours in 24 hours. And when you finally open the app to purchase the gown, you’ll see that it’s out of stock! You can order the gown here!

You are now stuck with the only option: you must dress up as the beautiful pumpkin in your year-old costume. I am sure that something similar to this happened at least once to you. Learn from your mistakes and don’t wait until the last minute to purchase what you need.

Remember to keep track of offer dates, payout dates, expected delivery times, and other important dates when shopping online.

6. Find out what you like and what you need. You might find yourself in your late twenties or even your thirties. This could mean that you have to own traditional clothes. Trust me, I promise you, it won’t take long for those old dresses to go unused. You all know the one outfit we don’t like but have to have just in case. As long as the outfit is comfortable, it’s not a crime to wear what you like. Again, only buy what you love.

Last words

Now you are able to shop smart. I hope you found this helpful and enjoyable. If you answered yes, make sure you remember the tips above when you shop next time.

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